Attipas Shoes

When my babies started daycare it was an emotional decision to let them go, we all like to make sure our kids are well taken care of. Being a parent its hard to manage everything around you, a lot of things can be overlooked. One thing that I didn’t even think about was shoes, YES SHOES. They are all walking now and it never crossed my mind until now the safety of their perfect tiny feet. We have all stepped on a kids toy and geez does it hurt it really does stop you in
your tracks. With this in mind after stepping on lego block it was time to get this sorted! Now first things first when you have made the decision to buy your babies first pair of shoes you need to find the right product, as the old saying goes if the shoe fits!  Having three older kids i’ve been through laces, velcro, slipons and everything in between. I have just realized that simple is effective and to be frankly honest I don’t really want to be tying up five pairs of shoes, who has
time for that? Even a baby can undo velcro this just isn’t an option, whats the option you ask? SLIPONS, It’s where its at! After some recommendations I went online and found the Attipas website, I put them baby’s in my cart and away we go. I found them to be great, they are very stable and supportive. Not only are they comfortable but my babies were able to walk in them straight away, no transistion period needed! Not only do they work they also look good, babies gotta have style right? Something I thought was going to be a nightmare is now easy, talk about simplifying life!!
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