Wild Kits Australia

The perfect little goto kit for your handbag, pram or car. Has 16 items included that cover from scraped knees, bug bites, dry lips and hair emergencies. Small enough to be discreet but holds everything required for a mum on the go. Its an important necessity for me because there is nothing worse being empty handed in the time of need. Whether that’s a snotty nose or a cheeky beer opener it even has enough room for a packet of smarties for those times bribery is needed. The kit includes a card to note down all important numbers in case of an emergency. I think this is really important because majority of phones lose battery fast or need pin access. With that said anyone can access your details to inform your family, doctor or medical information about yourself or children. Its pretty much the personal care version of a first aid kit, you can just throw in your nappy bag. I have been using this product now for awhile and this is definetly an item I keep going back to time and time again. Check out their website and Facebook page to learn more.



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